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Maintaining Oral, Physical, & Mental Health

It should come as no surprise that our oral health can directly influence our overall well-being. We ingest and inhale everything from foods and beverages to bacteria and airborne toxins through our mouth. Therefore, if a patient’s oral health is poor, chances are the problems will not end there.

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The Dangers of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is very common among the elderly and often goes untreated and undiagnosed in long-term care facilities. Dry mouth can negatively impact digestion, and it can result in “burning tongue” syndrome, oral yeast infections, the breakdown of fillings, and rampant tooth decay. Early diagnosis is critical to avoid the severe, long-term impact, and simple treatments are readily available.

Plaque Buildup

Poor oral conditions can also cause an increase in plaque buildup, and this issue can put a patient in harm’s way– especially if the plaque gets into their lungs. This can cause a life-threatening condition known as aspiration pneumonia, which can lead to strokes.

Cardiovascular/ Heart Disease

Neglecting oral health can lead to cardiovascular or heart disease. In these circumstances, biofilm and bacteria from plaque may enter the bloodstream and attach to fatty plaques in the coronary arteries. Gum disease can also increase blood sugar, putting patients with diabetes at an increased risk for many health complications.

Learn About Oral Systemic Relationship and Cardiovascular Disease

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