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Where Compassion Meets Integrity

At LifeCycle Dental, we recognize that good oral health affects overall health. Our focus is to provide dental care that is deemed a medical necessity and will maintain or enhance your quality of life. We realize that dignity, compassion, and integrity are vital in treating the elderly, and we enjoy the difference we make in their lives.

Comprehensive Care that Comes to You

We sympathize with having the responsibility of caring for a parent or older adult.  We acknowledge the complexity and will take every effort to work closely with you to provide the care that they need. We have found that consenting to oral care from the time of admission increases one's chances of not ever experiencing dental pain. Our team provides care in the comfort of your facility several times a month eliminating travel concerns. We start with a preventive care appointment followed by a comprehensive exam, and then we develop a treatment plan based on the findings. Our staff is dedicated to spending as much time as needed with you to explain our recommendations and to give you all the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision.  At the completion of treatment, we place each resident on an individualized oral cleaning and exam schedule to maintain oral health with this systematic approach.  Preventive oral care such as cleanings, x-rays, and periodic exams have been proven key to oral maintenance in long term care facilities. Your family can rest assured that your loved one’s dental health will always be given the consideration and attention it deserves