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Dentures and Partials

Implant retained dentures can provide patients with function and esthetics that rival natural dentition.

Many patients enter a long-term care facility with existing dentures and partials. More than 80% of these oral appliances do not fit properly. Because of the related discomfort and embarrassment, these patient’s teeth often spend more time in their drawer than their mouth. As a result, these folks interact less with their friends and tend to spend more time in their rooms. Also, not having a good set of teeth can have a huge impact on the foods people eat.

Proper nutrition is important for all of us. For folks in long-term care facilities, it is critical. Without a good set of teeth, patients cannot eat the combination of foods necessary to maintain strength and reduce the risk of disease.

To help these patients, Lifecycle Dental offers a comprehensive array of removable prosthetics. We are happy to conduct soft tissue exams and clean the dentures during routine visits. Our team is also able to fix broken teeth, repair cracks, and improve the fit of existing dentures and partial dentures. All of these solutions help increase the chance these prosthetics will be worn.

In cases where natural teeth have to be removed or existing dentures just will not work, Lifecycle is able to fabricate new dentures and partial dentures efficiently and cost-effectively. We utilize the finest materials and offer a range of tooth options. For those looking for the highest level of function, we also offer implant retained dentures. This treatment alternative provides patients with function and esthetics that rival natural dentition.