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Why a good fit is vital for denture wearers

January 28, 2016

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denturesHaving a well-fitting denture is about more than just comfort, even though that’s a major consideration, too. Dentures that don’t fit quite right can cause a whole host of problems: bone loss, infection and poor nutrition are a few of the most common. Keep reading to learn why it’s absolutely crucial for denture-wearers to enjoy a device that fits right, every single time — and what you can do to make sure your loved one benefits from properly functioning dentures in 2016.

A well-fitting denture promotes long term oral health

When someone is dealing with a denture that doesn’t fit quite right, they’re probably going to let you know about it. It’s not uncommon for denture problems to cause depression and anxiety — just imagine trying to take a bite out of your favorite food, or tell a joke, and having your dental device slip around… or, even worse, fall out completely. But as a caretaker or healthcare provider, you have the ability to help your loved one enjoy the benefits of a well-fitting denture. It just takes a little education on your part.

Why dentures become loose

Dentures can lose their perfect fit over time as a result of jawbone degeneration — or when the mouth slowly changes shape as a result of the missing teeth. Most dentures need to be refitted every five years or so, even when everything goes exactly as it should. Unfortunately, some people start out with an ill-fitting device. Whatever the cause of the loose denture, one thing is the same: it must be refitted, and the sooner, the better.

Problems associated with poor fit

When the denture doesn’t fit just like it should, a number of problems can arise as a result. We’ve already mentioned depression and anxiety, but loose dentures can actually cause accelerated jawbone loss, too. Sores which are vulnerable to infection may also develop in the mouth. Additionally, the wearer’s nutrition will likely suffer, as eating a balanced, varied diet may become a difficult task that sometimes just isn’t worth the effort.

How to regain a wonderful denture

All of this information may seem overwhelming, but the good news is that there’s usually an easy fix for loose dentures — a simple refitting from your dentist. As soon as you realize there’s a problem with the fit of your loved one’s dentures, contact the professionals you trust to help him or her regain their smile confidence and oral health with a denture that fits just the way it should… every single day.

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