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Assisted Living Dental Services: Focus on Prevention

October 29, 2015

assisted living dental servicesAs people age, their dental needs change, too. Professional demands no longer call for dazzling white teeth, and certain procedures may just put too much stress on an aging mouth. That’s why preventive care is especially crucial in older adults. At LifeCycle Dental, we recognize that the best route for ensuring excellent oral health for senior citizens is placing a focus on preventing problems before they even start — keep reading to learn more about preventive care through assisted living dental services from the LifeCycle team today.

Preventive Care Crucial for Good Oral Health in the Elderly

Preventing disease and decay is at the core of every dental practice — and it’s no different at LifeCycle Dental. We know that as people age, they may need some help in order to maintain healthy teeth. That assistance may come in the form of a few extra reminders to brush, floss and visit the dentist every six months, or it could be something a little more.

Patients with mental or physical disabilities can especially benefit from the specialized preventive services offered by LifeCycle Dental. How? Well, we customize our services to meet the needs of each individual patient, establishing a path to optimum oral health.

For every patient, oral hygiene education, regular cleanings and checkups are established to maintain healthy, disease and decay-free teeth. Denture relines, repairs, and oral cancer screenings may also be necessary for sturdy teeth and a healthy mouth.

Healthy Mouths Encourage Good Overall Health, Too

Good oral health is absolutely crucial at all ages, and the same is true in old age. Diseased or infected teeth and gums can cause or be affected by larger, more serious problems — like gum disease, pneumonia, dry mouth, heart problems and even diabetes. In order for older adults to stay as healthy as possible, good dental health is a requirement.

Because we know how closely oral and overall health are linked, we work hard to educate our patients on this relationship, too. Knowing that their oral hygiene habits can directly affect their general health can help empower older adults to embark on a journey of maintaining excellent oral health.

LifeCycle Dental Helps You Care For Your Loved Ones

LifeCycle dental was founded in 2002 with a passion for helping to maintain the health and dignity of older adults. Today, our mission remains the same. We travel right to your assisted living facility, making excellent dental care that much easier for you and your loved one. Contact us for an appointment today.

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